Choosing Door And Handles

Of all the considerations that arise when choosing new interior doors for a home or office, there is nothing more important than that regarding door handles. The time and thought devoted to the color of the door, the shape of the jamb, the design of the style, and the materials' quality - all lose their importance if there is no significant investment in the handle.
Even the most elegant, aesthetic, and the expensive door will "get lost" Choosing door and handles if it has been attached to a handle that does not flatter the overall design line and the features of the door itself.

Choosing Door And Handles rug-draped-over-front-door

Choosing Door Handles Features

It can be said, then, that the door handles are the jewel that catches the eye and should be taken seriously and thoughtfully. They must be of high quality and resistant to weathering, with an excellent finish, because their extensive use creates fertile ground for failures in the locking and dropping mechanism of the handle. Frequent replacement of the handle or locking mechanism makes defects in the door coating, which are not aesthetically pleasing. Their repair costs a lot of money - sometimes even replacement locksmith Palm Beach of the entire door.
"Official Locksmith Doors" has a magnetic locking mechanism that prevents movement and vibrations in the tool in the jamb, maintains the lock's longevity, and is specially adapted to wooden doors.

Hence investing in door handles

a wise move and bears fruit over the years. Door handles for the family home,
Because of the daily and frequent use of handles, they accumulate more bacteria and dirt than any other part of the interior doors. Most of the handles sold in the market today are undergoing treatments that make them resistant to fingerprints. Despite the aesthetic solution, bacteria accumulate on them as long as it is done with door handles, so it is crucial to clean and wipe them regularly - especially at home with children.


In conclusion, choose a handle that flatters the door and fits into the house's design, choose functional materials that are not sensitive to fingerprints, and remember that maintaining the handle's longevity will also preserve the door.

Sliding doors in the modern world

What image comes to mind when you mention the phrase "sliding doors"?
Most people remember the laundry rooms in their childhood home. For most of us, a sliding door is nothing more than a rolling, noisy and creaking partition, sliding door repair Naples which often gets stuck in its rail or rubs against the floor in a jarring and unpleasant way.

Others think of the drag marks on the floor, the protruding rail on one side of the wall, the noisy vibrations with each breeze or temporary passage in the door, and of course - doors that have detached from their rail completely and path require "lifting" them off the floor.

There is no doubt that these associations are not particularly sympathetic, and sliding doors are considered an outdated solution in the eyes of many.
At "Official Locksmith Doors," we offer you an aesthetic and practical inclusion for the traditional sliding doors - a solution that will change your associations beyond recognition! High-quality sliding doors made by that benefit from all the latest improvements in the design and planning of interior doors.

Sliding doors - characteristics

These doors have extremely quiet scrolling mechanisms, so there is no longer any trace of the jarring creaking sounds. The door moves smoothly on the rail, slides comfortably, and creates a feeling of levitation.


Choosing door and handles and what about the formidable tracks? They are a vague memory of the past. The rail can be installed inside the wall itself, in walls 95 mm thick. The door disappears into a pocket in the wall and hence its name - a sliding door to the bag. Thanks to the innovative design, sliding door repair Estero the rail does not take up space and can easily be controlled between rooms in the house or apartment.

The door can be ordered with lightweight, flexible, and strong aluminum strips. Aluminum strips are resistant to oxidation and, as a result, do not tend to develop rust. The choice of them is a long-term aesthetic solution, and their use is safe.

Advantage of sliding doors

It is recommended to choose sliding doors in several situations - the doors do not take up floor space in an open position like other doors. Hence, they are a perfect solution for apartments or small areas where space's importance is critical. They are not restrictive in terms of property design, so you do not have to consider "what is behind the door" - you can track repair and installation Bonita Springs move freely in the space and decorate the house or office as you see fit.

The doors are great for closets; Bathrooms in master bedrooms; Small utility rooms in the house like a laundry room, exit to a sun terrace or a large pantry; Or in the office - storage rooms and equipment cabinets.

In conclusion, allow yourself to shake off everything you have known and thought so far: Sliding doors are a sought-after and correct commodity in the appropriate spaces, improve the quality of life in the home, and most importantly - allow you to sleep in peace.


Interior doors for a peaceful life

It is hard to imagine our lives without doors that will protect us and give us privacy. A door is an essential and necessary commodity, and its use is so frequent and familiar, without exception, that its importance becomes almost self-evident.

Every person needs a private space where he can shut himself off from the world, behave naturally, and not be immediately affected by things outside his room. Hazards like noise impair our ability to concentrate and elicit responses of nervousness and irritability. For example, in the family home, it is difficult to imagine the serenity maintained over time if each member of the household did not have an intimate space belonging only to him and the ability to be alone or share with others at different times. The balance between the private and the common is a delicate balance, maintained through interior doors.

Interior doors in everyday life

Try to think of all the different uses of the door and our daily and private experiences with it: the door separates us from the rest of the stay in the house when we need privacy - at the convenience; When we shower; Get dressed, or undressed; When we talk privately on the phone, with a spouse or close friend; When we try to concentrate on an action that requires relative quiet - like reading or writing a school paper. Our most sensitive time - in our sleep - interior doors in the house block light from other rooms, insulate us from noise, and protect us from gusts of wind.

We also use the door to express emotions: how many times have you slammed an interior door in momentary anger or taken over emotions? The same door that gives us some private moments of grace also shields us in a time of emotional resentment.

The importance of interior doors at work

Even at work, it sometimes seems that the doors are the only ones that listen to us: privacy in the office, in meeting rooms, and when you need maximum concentration, is made possible almost exclusively thanks to interior doors. Those who do not gain some control over the amount of noise in their workplace or for a few private moments tend to open lock suffer from irritability, frenzy, pettiness, and lack of concentration.


In cases M such the body is on alert, with every noise distracting from the work itself. As a result, employees who do not enjoy privacy tend to suffer more from exhaustion and anxiety. The workplace also suffers - employees do not reach their full potential or reach their full potential.

Interior doors, therefore, are an integral part of our family, our married life, and our success at school or work. Not only do they protect against noises or curious eyes - but they also keep our spirits up and make us calm and uplifted.

Lintels and coatings for interior doors

When choosing interior doors, there is a tendency to focus on the colors, the door's design, and finally, the filling quality. This is not surprising - you can order designed color doors of "Official Locksmith Doors" in any shade in the color fan, give free rein to the imagination, and experiment without reservation.
Even the specific design finally chosen is a mirror of the buyer’s taste, so each door is a unique stamp that is fun to bring into the choose locksmith home and be proud of.
Usually, after the initial excitement, you get to the technical details - a stage that quite a few buyers are afraid of.

Despite the concern, the technical information review is a necessary process, and control of all the elements related to the doors is essential for the intelligent consumer.

Types of coatings for interior doors

First, the door coatings set the tone and turn dull interior doors into designed doors. There are three types of coatings to choose from:
The first coating is laminated: a thin plastic coating attached to the door with pressure or heat and protects it. The layer is widespread in fabric interior doors.
The second coating is a coating for paint doors: the doors are painted in the oven for a uniform look and a high finish level. Their color coating sets them apart from other doors and designs, so the emphasis is placed on the paint's quality and the result.


The third coating is a veneer - an often encountered name, but few know what is behind it. A surface is an ultra-thin bark (usually, the veneer coating thickness is only between 1 mm and 3 mm in unprocessed veneer). The bark of the wood is laid out to cover furniture or interior doors and give the furniture item a look similar to that of solid wood. Replacing the coating in case of need is also a relatively simple operation.

Frames for designed doors

We must not forget the door frame - the jamb. A jamb can add or subtract from a designed door in which a lot of thought has been invested, so it is crucial to define the style that dominates the home, the purposes of using the space, and avoiding a clash between designs.
"Official Locksmith Doors" has several lintels that are strictly adapted to each door and its style:

  • The first is the Barcelona-type straight jamb: a straight jamb, clean lines, and a flat appearance. Choosing it will suit those who prefer a minimal, classic, and flexible design that will compliment several styles according to the property owners' changing and evolving tastes.
  • Shani is the round lintel of the Piazza type: this lintel is intended for rustic design lovers who want to emphasize the warm, homey, and inviting look. The round jamb will make everyone feel at home, and it highlights the presence of the door.
  • Last but not least is the Scala-rated jamb: the jamb that saves the day. Rated lintels are great for remodeling enthusiasts, as they disguise asymmetrical rendering work or problematic finishes. The graded lintel has a look full of presence, dominant and impressive, and choosing it is a bold statement that steals the show.

Polymer clothing for interior doors

To ensure yourself quiet nights, you can also wear WPC polymer clothing. These costumes are treated with a unique preventative treatment and significantly reduce damage due to water leakage, fungal and mold accumulation, and even parasitic insect reports on interior doors and lintels.

It is important to remember that protecting the doors is no less important than choosing the right design for you, so it is essential to ask questions and examine all the technical details and protection and preservation options.


Surprising facts about doors

Most of us do not devote time or thought to our doors. Whether they are ornate or practical and straightforward - we tend to treat the door as an elementary part of the house; without it, it is impossible to bathe in privacy or read a book quietly.
In practice, doors turn out to have a few things to teach us: they are an integral part of history, are found in folklore and religious rites, and even convey messages to us from the depths of the subconscious.

Some interesting facts about doors bring them back to the forefront:

  1. Not just against the evil eye - blue doors in Safed
  2. In the city of Safed, and especially in the artists' complex, it is customary to paint the doors, gates, and fittings blue.
  3. The common reason for the custom is protection from the evil eye, and some say that Safed is the gate to heaven.
  4. On the other hand, some claim that the custom source is precisely the desire of Safed women to paint their homes.
  5. Since paints were expensive - these were poured blue fabric softener into the white paint buckets, and thus the unique look of the city doors was obtained.

The red church doors of Pennsylvania

In Safed are doors painted: many churches in the United States, especially in the northeastern part of the country, paint their front doors red. The color red is reminiscent of the blood that the USA's children used to mark their homes in Egypt. The painted doors are supposed to protect the house and the occupants inside it. According to the Christian religion, a person living behind a red door should not be harmed.

Remains in ancient tombs

If we are talking about Egypt - the first doors were used in ancient times. Traces of wood and hinges were discovered in excavations at various sites, and more than once, entries were inserted into tombs: a door that led nowhere was considered a door to the next world.


Simulated doors locksmith Naples Florida mansions

More doors that have led nowhere can be found in rooms in country mansions and palaces in European countries. It was customary to design symmetrical bedrooms and guest rooms, so an imaginary locksmith Naples Florida door was placed parallel to the room's front door but could not be opened.

Bold doors in antiquity

The bold design even in ancient times - in Rome, it was customary to paint a phallus over the doorstep of the house to ensure its occupant's fertility, wealth, and health.


The most famous doors in the world - "the doors"!

The most famous doors in the world - the door band, called itself by its name inspired by the author Aldous Huxley "The Doors of Perception." The article's title is taken from a poem by the British poet William Blake: "If Doors The perception were transparent, so everything would look to the person as the truth seems, infinite.


Doors in the subconscious

"When one door closes, another opens," and not in vain. The image of doors as a window to new opportunities also affects our subconscious: if you dreamed of a door, you probably have some chance in real life. If you dreamed of a closed or locked door, it probably represents a striped opportunity that has passed.

Locksmith Near Me Doors in Naples FL

In the Locksmith Near Me Naples FL approach to design, the emphasis is placed on an open and open path to the door to maintain a lyrical passage and flow of energies. It is also recommended near Naples Florida to choose locksmith near me that there be no window in front of the door. Otherwise, the animations may go out immediately through it.

Door District - is there such a place?

In the state of Wisconsin in the United States, a district meets the intriguing name “Door County.” If you will, Door County is located at the tip of the headland that separates Green Bay from Lake Michigan. Sailors know a water strait as "Death's Door," meaning "the door of death."
While the name does not evoke delightful associations, the county's scenery is no less spectacular.


The doors of the kingdom

One door attracts many tourists every year, receives extensive media coverage, and historical and famous heroes have crossed its doorstep. Did you guess? Of course, this is the British prime minister's door, at his residence at 10 Downing Street in London. The black door hides behind it three hundred years of heritage and a hundred rooms scattered over three floors rollers replacement Bonita Springs where the prime minister's business is conducted. In 1985, Margaret Thatcher announced that the door at 10 Downing Street had become one of the most expensive symbols in the British kingdom.

The Irish Door Protest

Some of the doors in Ireland are painted in bright colors. Following Queen Victoria's death in 1901, islanders were ordered to paint the doors of their homes black as a sign of mourning. The tumultuous relations of the inhabitants of Ireland and Queen Victoria caused some of the Irish to revolt. In their protest, they painted the doors of their houses in bright colors. To this day, the island is armed with doors.


Doors in Naples FL - Part I

Spend a few moments on the associations that come to mind when you think of doors. Some of us think of the front doors of our home, the bedroom door, the painting of a child in which an abstract house appears with a door, and a variety of similar images directly related to our world.

Indeed, doors are an essential item of our daily lives, similar to a bed or shower. We take them almost for granted, but in fact, they play a central and essential role: doors protect us from noise and intrusion by burglars, give us to change knob lock privacy and only in the next stage - the aesthetic - emphasize the space we approach to design.

Doors against the forces of nature

The first function of doors - protection - originates in the ancient Scriptures of the Bible. Male and female of all flesh came, as God commanded him; and the Lord will shut him up in his presence "(Genesis 7:16). That is, our family members are the ark of the covenant.


Righteous people are protected behind doors

Doors protect not only from weather conditions but also from malicious people. When two angels visit Lot in the city of Sodom, the inhabitants of the city demand that they are taken out of his house to carry out their plot against them. Lot does not abandon the angels and goes out of his house's doorway to the gathering crowd to protect them with his body. The angels see Lot's willingness to defend them as evidence of his character and return him to his house unharmed, "and the men sent forth their hand, and brought Lot into their home; And Lot and condemned them.

The doors of instinct

Lot is not the first to encounter sin at the door. In the story of the brothers Cain and Abel, God turns to Cain and confronts high-security Medeco him with the choice, "If you do well, you will, and if you do not do well, develop sinful lying; God warns Cain from deviating from the straight path and reminds him that sin is infested at the door of his house. That is, God forbid he should fall and be tempted by the evil instinct.


Doors in Naples FL - Part II

Doors protect the house's occupants from many hazards: harsh natural conditions, burglars and evildoers, and conceal acts that are done modestly. The symbolic reference to doors as separating the wicked and the righteous originates in the Bible and accompanies us to this day. Sometimes it is a distinction between the good and the familiar and the unknown and the daring, or a more literary distinction that sees them beyond new opportunities or temptation to fight.

Doors of Heaven

It is interesting to discover that doors do not appear in the Bible before the expulsion of a person and Eve from heaven. The displacement symbolizes the beginning of the existence of sin, and with it appear the first references to doors, which, as mentioned, separate the righteous from the wicked.
It can also be assumed that there was no need for shelter or protection from the forces of nature before man and Eve ate from the fruit of the tree of knowledge, hence the practical role of doors as insulators and protectors from weather conditions.


Doors in ancient times

Early references to doors in the Bible indicate that many uses have remained as they have been since then to this day: "And they approached, to the man, who is, on the house of Joseph; And they shall speak unto him, the door of the house "(Genesis 13:19). Even in ancient times, when strangers approached the door, they were asked to identify themselves and were not brought in until the purpose of their visit was clarified.

Job, doors, and lifestyles

Doors are mentioned in several places in the book of Job - the first book written in the Bible - and this is a testament to their importance. And man, I will not go out "(Job 51:14). He describes his gathering in his house behind the door in fear.

The same doors, which protected the occupants of the house from strangers, sent the opposite message when they were open, as Job demonstrates "Outside, not Yellin Ger; my door, to the guest I will open" (Job 51:22). Even today, the door opening symbolizes hospitality; for example, Bell Seder will be invited when the prophet Elijah is invited to the sender.


Doors in Naples FL - Part C

  • The lives of the children of the USA have been saved many times thanks to doors. It is easy to forget how such an everyday item took an essential part in the stories of miracles and redemption:
  • Doors and blow first.
  • Doors are responsible for distinguishing the most famous Bible story of Passover.
  • Children of USA were commanded to mark their houses with blood on the eve plague of the firstborn It is the red marking that saved the firstborn of the USA and brought them out of Egypt.
  • The lives of the children of the USA are saved thanks to doors.

On the other hand, in Ehud Ben Gera's story, doors are a tool in the hand of the USA's first savior judge. To save the tribes of the USA enslaved, king of Moab, Ehud decides to assassinate the king with a double-edged sword. At the end of the assassination, Ehud slips out of the king's room and closes the doors long before they find out about the murder.


Wooden doors in the Holy of Holies

Choosing door and handles doors gained a useful and essential status with the construction of the First Temple. The Holy of Holies' structure, the innermost and most important room in the Temple, is described as "And the door of the house of the Lord was made of oil-doors;" (Kings 1: 6, 11). Wooden doors made of olive trees protected the Ark of the Covenant and the covenant tablets inside the Deir and prevented people from entering it. The Deir doors were open only to the High Priest on Yom Kippur, hence the dates.

Conclusion, doors have many social and metaphorical uses, hence their place in folklore and literature. The metaphors' origin is linked to entries in Bible stories, and since then, we have come into contact with this essential item without giving it any thought. There is no doubt that after a more in-depth look at the sources, the doors deserve a re-evaluation.


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