What To Do If The Key Stock In The Metal Door?

There are different life situations, and no one is protected from problems with the front door, even having it in the highest quality. And the first thing a person thinks about in this case: what to do if a lock in a metal door jammed? Somehow you need to get into the house, and you don’t want to pay the high cost, changing the complete locking system or the door itself.


What to do if the key stock in the metal door? The key may break, the canvas will sag, or another problem will happen, but it needs to be solved. And often, this situation is unexpected; it can occur, for example, when a tired person returns home after a hard day. He/she dreams about a delicious dinner, a hot shower, and the opportunity to relax. But in reality, the door does not open.

Open The Lock So What To Do If The Key Stock In The Metal Door?

Where to go in such a situation? Where to look for help? Do I need to contract specialists? As a result, many do so, saving time and effort. But deep at night, dark outside, or there is no one nearby who can professionally call locksmith Bonita Springs open the lock, you should not panic. You can try to cope with the task on your own so that the door remains safe.
Initially, it is crucial to think of an action plan and understand the cause of the breakdown and the reason.

Failure: possible causes
Of course, you have to understand that there is no ideal system, and everything can break even with the best quality products—stuck keys in the door.

Common Problem

Also, you should recognize that most often, this is not a sudden breakdown. Usually, owners notice minor malfunctions for a particular time without paying attention to them. It happens that the key is not rotated so freely, and then there is a high possibility that soon it will stop turning at all.
What to do if the key stock in the metal door? Regardless of the features of the lock system, the causes of failure can be next:
If there was an attempt to open the door with technician keys or not, the original resolution.


Foreign objects inside the keyhole.

Cylinder Locks

The contamination of the mechanism, widespread with cylinder locks, dust, and metal chips, gets there.
Didn’t correctly care about the lock. It’s essential to rinse and lubricate the lock periodically. It is inflating a door made of wood at a high level of humidity.
Regular application of effort slamming the door. With the typical application of a specific force to the door, the risk of breaking the locking mechanism increases.
Incorrect use of the keys leads to the fact that they will not unlock the lock.


Using A Duplicate Key Of Poor Quality

Manufacturing defects, as you can see, many reasons can make the lock unusable, as well as improper maintenance.
What to do with a jammed lock
So, the problem has already arisen, and it needs to be fixed. How to open the lock? First of all, you do not need to exert excessive effort on it since everything can only worsen. If the door failed to open regular force, a more vital force will damage the lock system and not open the door.


By finding the cause of the problem, you will be able to look for a way to solve it. If it is, for example, the reason in a wet door or moisture that has got into the regular cylinder hairdryer can help you. Just try to dry the wooden door. You can use a heater in the same way.
If the heart of the lock breaks down contact us, it’s essential to know the type of lock. Most likely, you will need to call a locksmith Florida specialist in Caldwell, id, who knows exactly what and how to do the job with minimal damage.
If the lock is jammed, you must:

  1. Try to clean the door slit and the keyhole with a stiff bristle. So you can remove dust or small particles of paint. If that is what was causing the problem, the lock will open.
  2. Lubricate the locking mechanism with machine oil. It will work better, and you can turn the key.
  3. Although this did not help and the key does not rotate, it must be pulled out.
  4. When none of the above helps, drill a cylinder and replace it. This is the most radical method, so do not forget to check if the door has shrunk, if the hinges are damaged or if the canvas itself sags.

    How can I try to open the door?

    Squeeze it, for which you will need a flat screwdriver or something similar that can be inserted into the gap between the door and the frame. If it works, but the structure back in place, using a wedge. Help yourself by pulling the handle and trying to open the door.


    If a problem occurs in the cylinder lock, which is often used, pay attention if the key doesn't turn well or cannot be pulled out or if you have to make efforts to hang it, you need to pay attention to these minor things. When your key is already stuck, only a locksmith Naples Florida specialist can help you to remove it without the risk of damaging your door.

    To remove the key that is stuck in the lock, try using a silicone spray. After it hardens, most often, the ticket can be pulled out. Do not forget to replace the cylinder after this to avoid this situation again.

    If you noticed a problem with the key, which occurs only when the door is closed and when the door is open the critical work fine, try to file a door box with a file or grinder.

    Jammed Handle In The Lock

    When the door is not locked with a key but can’t be open by the handle's turn, the handle in the lock is jammed. You can choose a smart lock you can try to open the door with a plastic card. However, it is not worth trying as it is fragile and will break easily. Find a piece of metal in the form of a plate - a knife, a ruler - and try to open with them.


    Plate Toward The Door

    To do this, insert it between the door and the frame in the place where the handle is located. Try tilting the plate toward the door while trying to pull the door toward you. At the same time, do not forget that the knife, ruler, or other metal should be strong enough so that it can push the handle out.

    What to do if the key stock in the metal door? Most of the time, the lock's reasons do not open, or the key got stuck are common.

    You should know that over time even the most high-quality lock systems can wear out, lose their quality and reliability. We always here to repair the lock system on time, take care of it, and change it when needed.

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