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Locksmith Naples Yale brand is one of the oldest international brands globally and probably the most well-known and well-known name in the locking products industry. The fascinating history of the Yale brand embodies innovation and significant patents that have marked the development of the brand Locksmith Naples Yale and the development of the entire locking products industry.

The Yale brand roots are planted in colonial America. The Yale family decided to emigrate to the New World from North Wales. A few years later, in about 1840, Sir Lionel Yale began designing and manufacturing high-security series of innovative locks at his locksmith shop in Newport, New York. He specialized in locks for locking hand-made banks.

The son of Sir Linus Yale, who joined his father's business in 1850, patented the Pin Tumbler cylinder invented by his father and became an expert in locking. In 1862 he introduced the world to a new lock for bank locks and marked the transition to the use of number locks instead of key locks. The lock he invented is now considered a popular lock in use in the United States.

Yale Jr. also experimented with a lock based on a mechanism used in ancient Egypt - 4000 years earlier. Finally, after additional patent registrations between 1861 and 1865, the son succeeded in developing his most locksmith important invention - the Yale cylinder. Linus Yale Jr. changed the locksmith industry forever with his groundbreaking innovations.

In August 2000, Yale was acquired by the ASSA Abloy Group and had since become a world leader in locking solutions. In 2004, Multilock, from the ASSA ABLOY Group, acquired the rights to the Yale brand in USA, Locksmith Naples Yale and immediately after that, Multilock began importing and marketing Yale brand products in USA.
In 2014, the Yale brand became an independent company in USA as part of ASSA ABLOY USA's subsidiaries.

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Today, Yale manufactures a massive selection of locking products and their construction: mechanical and electronic safes, hidden locks, padlocks, cylinders, electric locks, digital locking products, fittings and handles for interior and front doors, hydraulic door clasps, cameras, and access control, digital eyepieces and more.

Things To know About Locksmith Yale

Yale, the oldest lock brand globally, was founded in 1840 in New York by Linus Yale, an immigrant from Wales who opened a lock shop.

  1. In 1862, Yale Jr. invented the world's first cylinder lock - a cylinder lock with a key in a pin combination.
  2. In 1868, Yale locks were registered as a patent.
  3. In 2000, Yale was acquired by the world's most prominent concern in the field of locking products, Assa Abloy.
  4. To date, over 400 million Yale locks have been sold worldwide.
  5. Yale brand products are sold in about 130 countries around the world.
  6. One of the most common puzzles in crossword puzzles and crossword puzzles.
  7. The word "yale" under the definition - "patent lock" .
  8. Every year, about 700,000 door cylinders are sold in USA.
  9. The well-known Yale University is named after one of the members of the Yale family, who donated books and a picture of King George to the university.
  10. Every hour, about 3,000 Yale locks are sold worldwide.

Home security camera

Yale Living the field of security cameras is entering the country very strongly. The Yale company is also joining the picture with quality products with impressive specifications that provide an Locksmith Bonita Springs excellent solution for private and business use. Yale security cameras allow you to watch what is happening in your home via tablet or smartphone by connecting to the Wi-Fi network on your home Internet.

  • Watch via tablet or smartphone - watch what is happening in your home via the Yale Home View app (Wi-Fi connection required /
  • Connection to surfing services in the cellular network.
  • Resolution - Photo quality and image and video resolution HD720 P.
  • Viewing in dark conditions - within a range of 8 meters.
  • Two-way audio - built-in speech and hearing capability by microphone and speaker. Turn on the camera speaker and microphone to start a call.
  • File storage - You can add a Micro SD memory card up to 32GB or store it on a DROPBOX drive (use to allow
  • A DROPBOX drive must have a memory card installed).
  • Motion and sound sensor - Alert for movement or sound.
  • Simple installation - follow the operating instructions in the app, and the camera is ready for use in a few minutes.
  • Shooting angle - a wide shooting angle of about 111 degrees. The 303W model allows the camera to be rotated on a horizontal and vertical axis and provides maximum coverage
  • Of the photographed area. You can set the camera to rotate automatically to cover pre-programmed areas.
  • Zoom - zoom in and out with the help of an app.
  • Image reversal - can be set when the camera is hung upside down.
  • Electricity - connection to 220V electrical voltage.
  • Communication - 2.4 GHz wireless communication.

Assembling cylinders is a job that requires maximum precision and endless patience, and that is when it comes to a regular and uncomplicated cylinder. And when it comes to KABA cylinders, the complexity is several times greater.
If we take a regular cylinder as an example: inside the cylinder, there are five holes in one row into which the pins and springs are inserted. Since the cylinder combination consists of several pin lengths, each bore can be fitted with various hooks that must be selected with a spike - literally.

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But if we seek to complicate matters further Instead of 5 holes in the cylinder, there will be between 5 and 6 holes in a row, and instead of one row, there will be four rows on each side of the cylinder - in other words, 22 drillings on each side and a total of 44 drillings into which three parts out of dozens will be inserted. In short: patience is the power of patience.


KABA cylinder is a quality cylinder and is defined as one of the best in the world. The cylinder contains a unique mechanism and meets the requirements of the USA Standards Institute and international standards with standards EN-1303 and DIN18252. The cylinder has a special personal duplication card that allows for controlled and accurate key duplication. The key is duplicated by a unique machine that provides a high level of security, minimal abrasion, and complete reliability.

We are a certified faucet locks on behalf of the global company KABA to build master systems and systems KABA lock.
We build master systems at short notice. All designs are made by professional, skilled, and experienced workers.
At Faucet Locks, you will find all KABA products manufactured in the world. In all sizes and sizes - the most extensive inventory in the country is with us.
When you purchase cylinders and locking products from KABA - insist on buying the products only from someone certified by the global KABA company and not from those who purchased the products through those who believed, etc. Only then will you know that what you have purchased is the most original and high-quality product available.

You want to buy the cylinder, but you have almost no idea and half an idea who it is at all. So that you do not live with something for decades at home without knowing who it is, we have written you this article. It is short and concise, and full of clear pictures. We hope that this article will shed some light on the American cylinder.

A cylinder with gear is a rather unusual cylinder in the cylinder industry in the world and is unique to USA. All over the world, the cylinders operate a tab that activates the latch inside the hidden lock installed in the door.
In USA, on the other hand, the installed cylinder has a gear. If you did not know, then you should know by now that the wheel is the one that activates the seven bolts, which are installed inside the multi-bolt remote lock, which is installed inside your door.

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Cylinder dimensions

In most steel doors installed in the country, the dimensions of the cylinder with the gearwheel will be 76 mm (7.6 cm) long.
When we measure the cylinder from end to end, the length 76 mm mentioned above is divided asymmetrically, with the long part being 43 mm while the short amount will be 33 mm. The short part will usually be installed outside the door, while the extended part will be installed on the inside.

In very thick doors, the dimensions of the cylinder will be longer, and the asymmetries will be accordingly. For example - in wide doors, we find cylinders with lengths of 81 mm that are suitable for blocking doors. As well as cylinders of 86 mm and 96 mm. Different sizes will be very unusual in steel doors.

A cylinder with a size of 66 mm divided centrally - 33/33 mm We are indoors with an ancient and central mechanism installed in wooden doors, at a time when the multi-bolt lock was created even before the steel doors were manufactured.

Fixed key

You can combine a button/butterfly in the cylinders or the correct name: a fixed key. This option is significant and safe, and it is always recommended to ask the cylinders to have set access. When we ask for this option, the fixed key will be in the extended part and not in the short position, except when the door opens outwards.

Cylinders with outward opening

Doors usually open inwards and not outwards. And for the sake of simplicity, we will always ask ourselves, after we have opened the door, where is it? If the door is inside the house, the door opens inwards, and if it stays outside, then this door opens outwards. And in cases where the door opens outwards, the fixed key will be installed in its short part.

Replication controlled cylinders
Cylinders with gears can be duplicated to prevent the licensee from duplicating keys.
Changes in the multi-bolt hidden lock on the steel doors - built-in slot
Many customers in the last year ask us about this and ask for soluparticularor the particular case. Here is an essential article that the Locks team wrote for installing cylinders in steel doors.

In the last year, a significant change has been made in the structure of the multi-bolt lock of the steel doors of the Rav Rav bolt company. This is the most common lock in the country, which is installed in steel doors.
It is important to emphasize that the change is not reflected in the lock's functionality but in the difference in the bracket base, which holds the cylinder with the gear that drives the bolts inside the lock. The floor is modified so that only a cylinder with a unique groove with a place at the bottom of the cylinder and stretched across it can enter it.

The idea behind this change is mainly commercial, but despite this - the change requires attention as this change can cause delays in the installation of cylinders in the new locks.
Below we will explain which cylinders can be installed in the new lock and what should be done if you do not have a cylinder with a built-in slot.


The cylinder with the built-in slot will be available in multi-bolt cylinders measuring only 76 mm in the following models:
Trilux 3LOCX cylinder - multi-bolt
Locxis cylinder - multi-bolt - including model AB and old model
Keylocx cylinder - multi-bolt
Dynamic Plus cylinder - multi-bolt in dimensions of only 76 mm.
Until recently, the slot could not be found in a 7-pin dynamic cylinder [the key with the blue head] slot. But recently, multi-bolt started marketing this cylinder with a groove as well. In all other multi-bolt cylinders in different sizes from 76 mm asymmetrical, such as 60/66/71/80/86/96 mm, check in advance if a track is needed.

As of this writing, most companies have lined up with a multi-bolt company, but there are still cylinders that are sold without a groove.
Below are pictures of the multi-bolt cylinders, which have a built-in slot -
What do we do when we do not have a cylinder with a built-in slot?
When you want to replace a cylinder, and you do not have a cylinder with a built-in slot, or when it comes to very thick doors or with different configurations or from other companies - it does not mean that there is nothing to do to replace the mechanism.

First, make sure it is a new lock with a slot bracket. If it is an old multi-bolt concealed lock or a multi-bolt concealed lock from the Blocker and Multilock companies and imported from China, no changes are needed.
But when a cylinder with a groove is needed, all that needs to be done is to remove the new bracket installed from the locking neck using Locksmith Naples Yale pliers and carefully so as not to damage the lock and, most importantly, not to injure.

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