Types Of Locks, Which One To Choose?

types of locks security consists of several types of locks combinations of internal pins, plates, discs, each of which corresponds only to its key. The amount of security of the lock is expressed by a certain number.

Types Of Locks, Which One To Choose

To make it simple, think the level of types of locks protection determines the number of keys you need to try to open the lock. The commercial locksmith Naples main idea is that the higher the secrecy, the more waves complicated it is to pick up a key. When choosing and replacing the types of locks cylinder in safety, you can focus on this indicator.

For cylinder system, three degrees are distinguished:

Types Of Locks, Which One To Choose?

Low: 10 to 5000 combinations and no protective elements. These are cheap locks with intense precision. Some models can be opened in a car locksmith Palm Beach few seconds. A distinctive feature can be considered an "English" or "Cross" key.

Types Of Locks, Which One To Choose near Naples FL

These Are Medium Locks

Medium: from 5,000 to a million; security features may be missing. This group's locks are mainly represented by emergency locksmith in Fort Myers, FL imported cylinders of the kale type, Kwikset Aka Schlage or Baldwin, Yale, and more. A distinctive feature is the “perforated key,” on which more often in one, but sometimes in two rows, conical recesses of different sizes are applied.

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These Are High Locks

High: over a million key combinations; security elements required. Our world leaders represent this group in the production of locking systems: Corbin Russwin, Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Yale, Evva, Dom, Kaba. The materials from which the lock systems are made are highly resistant. In all places of the cylinders accessible to the cracker, hardened rods and balls are hidden, where the drill will break when trying to drill.

Types Of Locks, Which One To Choose near FL

Each of the companies has its technology, allowing to bring the number of key combinations to several million.

For instance:

Uses pin-to-pin technology - a pair of code pins is telescopically located inside a couple of locking for good that pins and both teams are spring-loaded;
Abloy is unique locksmith in Cape Coral and not like the rest.

Types Of Locks, Which One To Choose near Florida

Dom, Kaba place the pins in several rows at different angles over the entire area, which ensures high design security of the lock Evva 3ks - inside the cylinder, sliding patio locks Naples so it's vital with there are no classic pins and springs. Still, there are 12 independent code segments from each other. Three code grooves move them on the key.

Types Of Locks, Which One

Besides, the cipher is set by cutting on the end types of locks surfaces of the key and unique profiles made for the specific country where the company's products are delivered.

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